4 Skincare Tips For Autumn

After constant exposure to sun, heat and dust during summer, your skin could be dry and have a lacklustre appearance. Autumn is the time to nourish and take care of your skin to bring it back to its natural health and beauty. Proper skincare early on in the season is needed to cater to the upcoming changes in weather and temperature.

Keeping that in mind, we are going to take a look at some autumn skincare tips you should follow for healthy, radiant skin all season long. Let’s get started:

Cleanse Consistently- cleansing regularly each morning and night is important to keep your skin free and clean of accumulated debris. When the skin is regenerating, it naturally builds up dead cells on the upper layers. You need to clean these away to make sure that the beneficial ingredients of your skincare products can penetrate the skin more effectively. It could also eliminate toxins and improve the blood flow.

Hydrate Your Skin- exposure to the harsh, cold winds and central indoor heating of autumn can make your skin dry and irritated. A good hyaluronic acid serum can help to increase the hydration levels of your skin. When choosing a moisturiser, make sure that it contains lipids and ceramides. These substances help to retain hydration and prevent excessive moisture loss. If your skin is oily and prone to acne, it is a good idea to choose a light moisturiser. Thicker moisturiser products could clog oily skin and cause acne to flare up. If your skin is dry, choose nutrient-rich oils before you go to bed.

Exfoliate- it is likely for post-summer skin to peel and you should use exfoliating acids to support this process. Proper exfoliation will make your skin look radiant and fresh throughout the autumn. Alpha hydroxyl acids like glycolic and lactic acid, help to dissolve dead skin cells from the upper layer. If possible, use gentle chemical exfoliants. Physical scrubs may cause micro tears and trigger inflammation. Lactic acid is a safe chemical exfoliant and it hydrates your skin as well. Salicylic and glycolic manage excessive skin pigmentation and they revive the glow of your skin.

Use Retinol- it’s a good idea to apply retinol on your skin during cooler months, because it increases the sensitiveness of your skin to the sun during summer. Retinol or vitamin A boosts cell turnover, corrects unwanted pigmentation and regulates skin oil. However, you need to start slowly if your skin is sensitive, so it can build up tolerance.

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