BB GLOW Treatment

Semi_permanent foundation.

The BB glow facial is a hybrid micro-needling treatment. It involves the use of micro-needling to deliver a BB cream formulation into the skin for more even tone and brighter complexion.

The serums are packed with a blend of amino acids, anti-oxidants, peptidesto deliver healthy skin and skin whitening and lightening properties, hence It is effective on darker skin tones, pigmentation and sun damaged skin conditions.

Whilst everyone will benefit from having the BB Glow facial, it is primarily targeted for dry, sun damaged, pigmented or uneven skin types, because the BB Serums is packed with a blend of 25 amino acids, anti-oxidants, peptides that specifically have skin whitening and lightening properties hence – It is so effective on darker skin tones, pigmentation and sun damaged skin conditions.

At Coral Skin, to enhance your results, before the BB serum is applied, the dead skin is exfoliated, with a scrub, or dermaplaning, the pores are extracted and a chemical peel is applied to really prepare the skin surface so the BB Serum effects last longer. Mesotherapy serums appropriate to the skin condition being treated and the BB serums are infused into the skin with the nano needle, for the later part of the facial sequence. After your BB Glow treatment, we finish off the treatment with the LED light therapy.

What is BB Glow Treatment?

BB Glow is one of the latest anti-aging beauty innovations from South Korea. It’s a semi-permanent foundation for your face. It is recommended for both Men and Women with dark skin tones and for the reduction of freckles, age spots, redness and acne induced skin dis-coloration on lighter skin tones.

When will I notice results?

There is no pain, no redness, no downtime and immediate result for this semi-permanent skin

How many treatments will I need?

One treatment – results last up to 2 weeks

Course of 3-6 treatments – results last up to 4 months

Treatment Overview


Treatment Pricing
One treatment £110
Course of 3 sessions £300

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