Cellulite treatment

67% Cellulite Smoother

Cellulite is compressed fat cells in the sub dermis of the skin pushing against the epidermal wall of the skin. The Septa (connective tissue holding skin and fat together) become squashed and hardens causing a dimpling effect on the skin.

In contrast to a lot of the techniques available on the market that superficially tackle cellulite or just heat up the skin with laser, radio-frequency or ultrasound for temporary tightness, Endermologie solves the problem without any side effects.

With the mechanical stimulation of Endermologie (grabbing and releasing of the skin, negative pressure), this allows cells to be oxygenated and the compressed fat cells to be broke up, the compressed fat cells and septa are then released and softened creating a smoother and less dimpled appearance to the skin.

Acting simultaneously on the release of stubborn localized fat and on skin quality (firmness, cellulite aspect), the new Patent (Roller and motorized flap combined with sequential suction) allows the body technology to act directly on the adipocytes present in our hypodermis (slimming cells) and on the fibroblasts present in our dermis (rejuvenating cells).

What is Endermologie Cellulite treatment?

A 100% non-invasive procedure, Endermologie safely and naturally stimulates cell metabolism and also breaks down any fatty tissues to remove stubborn areas of localised fat, while smoothing areas of cellulite and gives the orange peel effect, firms and defines body contours, all while improving blood and lymph circulation.

When will I notice results?

After just 3 sessions, the figure becomes slimmer, and fat disappears exactly where desired, cellulite is reduced, giving way to smoother, softer skin. Also, skin quality improves and becomes visibly firmer and more toned.

How many treatments will I need?

We recommend between 6-12 sessions.

Treatment Overview


Treatment Pricing
20min £60
30min £80
45min £100
10 sessions (free assessment + 2 free session)
20min (free assessment+12 sessions) £600
30min (free assessment+12 sessions) £800
45min (free assessment+12 sessions) £1000

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